Free VPS hosting

Join us and get the most out of our free VPS hosting, offered to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from trading with us.

What is a virtual private server?

VPS hosting is called private because it insulates websites from their neighbours by virtually partitioning them from one another, thereby preventing response delays.
VPS Hosting allows execution of orders to take advantage of unique market conditions not ordinarily available due to the time of day and your geographical location. VPS hosting is reliable, flexible, and scalable, which makes it an attractive solution for retail traders.

Powerful and secure hosting

Utilising the Microsoft Windows Server platform, you can now install our VPS hosting, which allows parallel processing of Expert Advisor (EA) orders as well as your trading selections to be executed simultaneously. Take advantage of constantly changing market conditions which only a stable VPS connection can provide.

Personal VPS specifications

  • 2.4GHz Intel Xeon CPU
  • 2GB Ram
  • 30GB of HDD Storage Space
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
  • Custom configurations available
  • Dedicated IP
  • Hosted in Secure Data Center
  • Available 24 hours